International Trail Running Association(ITRA) values ​​are based on the fundamental values ​​for trail running as follows:



Authenticity is the first value of trail running. It encourages sports relationships based on simplicity, cheerfulness, sharing, and a fundamental respect for differences.



Humbleness and responsibility towards nature provides a deeper and more complete understanding of the principles governing nature and our basic understanding of  demanding sports in the wild and harsh environments. 


Fair play

Each participant should accept the rules, respect them and embody the values of trail running: namely, mutual aid towards the other runners, and the respect of all the players involved in the races.



Equality is the pursuit of balance based on the fairness and equal opportunity of all runners. All athletes have the same rights and obligations and this must be ensured by the organizers of the race.



Respect other trail runners, locals, their culture, customs, and traditions. Respect yourself by paying attention to your health, rejecting all doping substances, and respecting the environment by protecting the fragile natural environment in which we operate.



Athletes must work to address environmental, social, or other valuable goals and run to drive those goals. In doing so, they express their responsibility to the people and the environment in which they run.